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Sound Comes First

AXA25 is an integrated amplifier built in a classic, fuss-free style. Its slim symmetrical design offers great value and functionality for those looking for a straight-forward solution. A 3.5mm aux input on the front face makes connecting compatible devices a doddle. While four pairs of analogue RCA inputs on the rear mean AXA25’s pretty versatile too. 

Your Journey into Sound

AXA25 is an amp that lets you listen to music and appreciate how it’s been recorded. You’ll hear detail in familiar tunes that’s previously passed you by. It’s because hi-fi amps, like AXA25, are designed to take a signal from a source (like a CD player), amplify it and then output it to your choice of speakers. 


Setting the Tone

With separate bass and treble controls, you can fine-tune AXA25’s sound to suit your taste, speakers, and the dynamics of smaller sized rooms. The centrally located volume dial, gives you finger-tip control over the 25 watts per channel of power at your disposal. 


Wired for Sound

AXA25 has no less than 4 pairs of RCA inputs, a pair of recording outputs and a rear USB socket for technical upgrades. While hi-fi quality speaker binding posts (connectors) mean that thick cable connects securely for an authentic sound – you can even use banana plugs, should you wish.    


Designed for Life

As with the rest of the AX Series, AXA25 shares our house-style of Lunar Grey minimalist fascia, black steel cabinet and ‘floating’ base. This timeless look allows for an upgrade path through our range. A slim build, in the classic 430mm hi-fi width, also means that AXA25 can easily slot into a much-loved system. B

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