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The PRE60 is a supremely sophisticated system control center that effortlessly brings the ever-expanding world of music to your system in all its richness and variety. Due to Primare’s careful attention to detail, whether the source is analogue or digital, the sound of the PRE60 is unfailingly accurate and convincing: truer to the recording – truer to life.

The goal was simple for the 60 Series – to build the company’s most thoroughly modern and revealing products yet, all while retaining Primare’s inherently musical sound. The 60 Series is a resounding statement and the next step in Primare’s evolution in creating products for which every aspect of design and implementation has been carefully considered and tested.

Entirely designed and hand built in Sweden, the PRE60 preamplifier and A60 amplifier are the culmination of all that Primare has learned in over three decades of producing components of exemplary quality and performance.

The PRE60’s integrated DAC/media board offers virtually every possible option for digital playback of the highest resolution, be it streamed or stored media; even allowing for instantaneous connection of handheld devices. In designing this third-generation media board, Primare has carefully tailored the filtering to reveal every bit of musical information from every digital source.

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