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D 3045

D 3045

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THD (20Hz – 20kHz) <0.003% at 2V out
Signal-to-Noise Ratio >100dB (IHF, A-weighted, ref. 500mV out, unity gain) 
Channel separation >85dB (1kHz) >80dB (10kHz) 
Input impedance (R and C) 47kohms + 220pF 
Maximum input signal >5.5Vrms (ref. 0.1% THD)
Output impedance - 400 Ohms
Input sensitivity - 82mV (ref. 500mV out, Volume maximum)
Frequency response ±0.2dB (20Hz – 20kHz)
Maximum voltage output – IHF load >4V (ref. 0.1% THD)

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