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Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio EVO 75

Cambridge Audio EVO 75

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EVO 75 - All-in-One Player

Tomorrow’s hi-fi, today. With Evo 75, Cambridge Audio have brought your audio past and present into the future. With outstanding Hypex NCore Class D amplification and class-leading StreamMagic music streaming platform onboard - all you need to do is add speakers to enjoy superb high-resolution audio quality from one elegant, discreet box. Thanks to its suite of digital and analogue inputs, as well as its high-quality digital-to-analogue convertor, Evo can be the heart of your hi-fi system for years to come.

Key Features

• Simplicity meets performance - your complete audio solution in a single box
• Stunning sound - the pure essence of over 50 years of hi-fi know-how
• Delivers 75W of power into 8 Ohm speakers using Class-D Hypex Ncore® amplification
• Suite of digital and analogue inputs including HDMI ARC for TV audio
• ESS Sabre ES9016K2M 32bit high-resolution DAC for incredible digital audio reproduction
• Optimised to bring the most from your favourite streaming services
• Premium materials and timeless design with choice of side panels included
• Control in the palm of your hand, thanks to the dedicated StreamMagic app for iOS and Android
• Airplay 2, Chromecast built-in, Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, TIDAL, MQA, Qobuz, Roon Ready
• Supports ALAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, DSD (x256), WMA, MP3, AAC, HE AAC AAC+, OGG Vorbis digital audio formats
• aptX HD Bluetooth provides wireless, high-definition music streaming with flawless transmission
• Compatible with Bluetooth headphones, or wired cans via the 3.5mm headphone output
• High-resolution fascia display shows track info and sampling rate, with album artwork in full colour
• Network Standby mode allows the EVO to be turned on from the Cambridge Connect app
• Presented in Cambridge Audio's timeless floating design

User Manual (PDF, 1MB)

"There are now many streaming hi-fi products that sound great, look superb or are pleasant to use, but not many manage to nail all three as convincingly as the Cambridge Audio Evo 75. If you’re looking for the ultimate convenience in a superb-sounding, well-featured parcel... the Evo 75 is simply the best system of its kind to spend quality time with."
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Connectivity to suit your needs

Thanks to its suite of digital and analogue inputs, Evo is ready for you to add your favourite sources and build a wider system. Even video sources can join in - just connect your TV’s HDMI ARC output to Evo’s ARC input. No matter where your music’s coming from, Evo will make it sound its best.

Small but mighty: How we managed to fit everything inside Evo

High-quality hi-fi sound

The Evo 75 uses revolutionary Hypex NCore Class D amplification rated at 75 watts per channel. Until Hypex NCore changed the game, Class D amplification was only about compactness and electrical efficiency - but Hypex NCore also offers obvious superiority where clarity, resolution and outright musicality are concerned. It’s a big part of what makes Evo such an enjoyable and convincing listen.

Learn more about the revolutionary Hypex NCore Class D amplification here

Great British Sound

Evo uses the very best components, such as ESS Sabre 32bit high-resolution DACs - and then we bring every one of our 50+ years of audio know-how to bear. The result is the Great British Sound we are renowned for.


Easy to set up, easy to use

Getting started with the Evo couldn’t be simpler. Plug Evo into the mains and wire it to your speakers. Then, fire up your favourite music streaming service on a smartphone or tablet and connect to Evo using the app, Bluetooth or Evo’s built-in streaming service support. Pick a tune, press play and adjust the volume to your taste.

StreamMagic app

The convenience of music streaming is obvious - but unless it sounds great, what’s the point? The StreamMagic app offers comprehensive control of the entire Evo system, plus access to the world’s most popular and highest-quality music streaming services. It’s clear, logical and stable - so Evo will do precisely what you want it to, rapidly and accurately, from wherever you are in your home. Of course, you might prefer the app of your favourite music streaming service - if that’s your preference, no problem. Evo will be just as responsive to your inputs and commands.

Cambridge Audio's in-house engineers designed StreamMagic to be the best-sounding streaming platform around - and 10 years into its development, that’s exactly what it is. StreamMagic is constantly evolving to accept new formats and services, which means it should always be the perfect way to stream digital music.

Highest available quality for every service

It doesn’t matter how you access your digital audio files - the latest generation of the award-winning StreamMagic platform makes them sound better than ever. Every current format, from Roon to MQA-powered TIDAL Masters, Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast and Qobuz, is catered for. And StreamMagic is ready to adapt to whatever the future may bring too.

Complete control

Evo is intuitive and straightforward to operate, no matter if you’re using its full-function remote control, its simple and elegant control app, or the physical controls and big, bright, detailed display on its fascia.

Bluetooth convenience. HD sound quality

Nothing’s easier or simpler than streaming via Bluetooth. Evo takes it to the max by using aptX HD Bluetooth - which is wireless, high-definition music streaming with flawless transmission and incredibly realistic, convincing sound. Evo delivers all the wireless convenience you want, with none of the sonic compromises.

Free your headphones

As well as featuring a 3.5mm output for headphones, Evo is also a Bluetooth transmitter - so if you’d rather do your private listening on wireless headphones, Evo has you covered.

A Design Rooted in Heritage

Just 305mm wide, Evo will sit neatly wherever you need it to. But thanks to its beautiful design and all-around good looks, it really deserves centre-stage.

Cambridge Audio's story started with the iconic P40 amplifier. So, using the P40’s wood trim as inspiration, the EVO 75 incorporates beautiful, tactile walnut side panels into its elegant design. Evo’s use of premium materials includes a choice of side panels, designed to accentuate the timeless simplicity of Evo’s design and compliment your lifestyle.


EVO - The Evolution of Hi-Fi

Evolution means transformation. Evolution means improvement. Evolution means progress. At Cambridge Audio, it means hi-fi ready for today, able to fit into your lifestyle and made to look as good as it sounds. It means taking over 50 years' worth of audio expertise and fitting it all into a single revolutionary product. It means Evo.

We’ve developed Evo so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. You can enjoy our incredible, full-on hi-fi sound, with all its precision, scale and emotional expression. But you can also enjoy this extraordinary sound quality from a compact, convenient, good-looking all-in-one system. Evo is a huge step forward.

Minimal, timeless design

When Ged Martin sat down in our London studio to design Evo, he was determined to sketch a product design that will endure for many years. Ged knows simplicity is the most elegant aspect of industrial design, and Evo demonstrates his mastery of form and line. He designed a product that looks classically timeless. Our story started with the iconic P40 amplifier. So, using the P40’s wood trim as inspiration, Ged incorporated beautiful, tactile walnut side-panels into his elegant design.

Heritage and the evolution of hi-fi

We've been designing and building outstanding audio equipment for over 50 years. In that time, fashion in hi-fi has changed just as surely as fashion in music - but we’ve always been at the cutting edge. So, we think Evo is not only the best-sounding all-in-one player you can buy, its design looks to the future at the same time as acknowledging our rich legacy.

Voiced in London

Even the best components don’t deliver incredible sound all by themselves. Our engineering team spent hundreds of hours in our London laboratory, poring over every detail of the way Evo makes music until they were completely satisfied. Because if our engineers aren’t satisfied, they don’t think you will be either.

Tomorrow's hi-fi, today

Evo is everything you’ve always loved about hi-fi, evolved to suit your needs. Elegant design, wide-ranging functionality, complete simplicity and exceptional performance. All from a single box. All of the convenience, none of the compromise.

Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio wants you to hear your music at its very best, as the artist intended it to be heard, with nothing added, nothing taken away. That’s what we’ve always wanted because that’s what music lovers like us deserve. It’s why we’re constantly experimenting, solving problems and creating new kit. It’s why we’ve been doing what we do for the last 50 years. It’s why we’re always trying to make the listening experience better. Pure.

All Cambridge Audio's research and development take place at their London HQ: where their team of 20 audio engineers create and experiment. The team comprises industrial designers, electrical engineers, coders, QA testers and more who have decades of experience and, together, have created some of the most successful British audio products in the last half-century.

75W into 8 Ohms

Class-D Hypex Ncore®

ESS Sabre ES9016K2M

20Hz – 20kHz +0/-3dB

1 x RCA

1 x TOSLINK optical, 1 x S/PDIF coaxial, 1 x TV ARC

4.2 A2DP/AVRCP supporting SBC, aptX and aptX HD codecs

TOSLINK optical: 16/24bit 32-96kHz PCM only S/PDIF coaxial: 16/24bit 32-192kHz PCM only, Bluetooth: 4.2 A2DP/AVRCP supporting up to aptX HD (24bit 48kHz) UPnP, Local USB media, Airplay 2, Chromecast built-in, Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, TIDAL, MQA, Qobuz, Roon Ready.


Speakers, 3.5mm headphone, Preamp Output, Subwoofer Output, Bluetooth: 4.2 A2DP/AVRCP supporting up to aptX HD

IEEE 802.3, 10 Base-T or 100 Base-T

Dual-Band 2.4/5gHz



317 x 89 x 352mm

5.0 kg

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