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Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio AXR100D

Cambridge Audio AXR100D

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  • Digital Radio Sound Comes First

    With 100 watts of power and DAB+ / FM tuner too, AXR100D is an amp to be taken seriously – thanks to an integrated phono stage for easy connection of a turntable, and Bluetooth to play music wirelessly from a smartphone. A dedicated subwoofer output for driving bass, and two sets of speaker outputs add to R100D’s appeal, while plenty of sockets front and rear build on that versatility.  

    Image of the AXR100D coupled with the AXC35 in a home setting.
    Image of the AXR100D with speakers and headphones.

    Your Journey into Sound

    AXR100D is a powerful receiver (amp and radio) aimed at listening to music, and appreciating how it’s been recorded, from a variety of sources – including its integrated digital tuner. Hi-fi separates like AXR100D are designed to take a signal, amplify it, and output it to your speakers. Choose speakers to suit your own taste – this powerful unit certainly gives you options.

    A close up, stylised image of the AXR100D showing the simple to use controls and an LED dot matrix display

    Radio Live Transmission

    With all the talk of streaming, it’s sometimes easy to forget the simple pleasure of radio. Turn it on, and it just works. With AXR100D you can programme up to 40 favourite stations and quickly retrieve them, without having to re-scan. DAB+ station and track information are shown on the white LED dot matrix display.

    An image displaying a turntable connected to the AXR100D to utilise the built in phono stage.

    Release the Wheels of Steel

    The built-in phono stage is the ace up AXR100D’s sleeve. It means that you can plug a turntable straight in without any extra kit. Moving magnet (MM) compatibility means AXR100D works with a wide range of turntables – including that vintage one you’ve had your eye on. Soon you’ll be playing the records you’ve been saving for, and planning what to buy next.  

    An image of a smartphone connected by Bluetooth to the AXR100D

    Bluetooth – Streaming is Easy

    Thanks to integrated Bluetooth, it’s simple to play music from your phone, laptop, or other compatible device on AXR100D. It’s a great way for friends to share music with you, helping you discover new favourite albums – before you splash out on a vinyl copy.

    A close up of the flexible connections available on the AXR100D

    Wired for Sound

    AXR100D is a very well-connected receiver, with 3 pairs of analogue RCA inputs, moving magnet phono section for a turntable and a pair of recording outputs. There’s a single digital coax in, as well as 2 optical connectors. Hi-fi quality speaker binding posts (connectors), for 2 sets of speakers, mean that thick cable connects securely for an authentic sound.

    An image of the AXR100D in a home setting.

    Designed for Life

    As with the rest of the AX Series, AXR100D shares our house-style of Lunar Grey minimalist fascia, black steel cabinet and ‘floating’ base. This timeless look allows for an upgrade path through our range. A relatively slim build, in the classic 430mm hi-fi width, also means that AXR100D can add new functionality, and easily slot, into a much-loved system.

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